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I'm Selina

healthy eating didn’t always come easy for me…

Growing up in a big Italian family, I knew food well. But something never felt right for me about eating double plates of pasta at dinner time. I rejected the Italian traditions in favour of “healthier” options and I fell into all the common diet traps of low fat, no carbs, and counting calories…

My relationship with food was complicated...

I used work to silence my hunger, upset stomach, and any attempt my body made to tell me something was wrong.

When I graduated University, my hard work paid off. I landed a dream job at an advertising agency in downtown Toronto. I took my small town self (all 108 lbs of me) to the big city—this was my time to shine.

I was doing it—early mornings, late nights at the office, the 3-hour commute, working on the train, chained to my Blackberry. For a young person just starting out, I had it all—or at least I seemed to.

The truth was, I hated my job. Living away from my family and caught up in the wrong relationship I felt under supported, and lonely. I was malnourished, sick, and exhausted. Finally, I had to face the sad truth that if I kept going this way I’d be burnt out, alone, and look like I was 50 by age 30 (ugh, no thanks).

Something needed to change.

A journey began

that would change my life forever...

I tried to eat better (or at all) but once I started paying attention to my body I realised how much pain I was in. I’d never heard of a “gluten allergy” at the time. It took me three painful years of medical tests, inconclusive results and constantly locating the nearest washroom to discover that gluten intolerance is what I had to thank for this upheaval in my life. All the while I was eating bread, pasta, etc.

A diagnosis is never the end result. It’s the starting point for the journey to healing. I realized that in order for me to heal, a lot needed to change, including leaving the job I’d worked hard to get.

I moved home with the same ambition I left with. Only this time I put it toward educating myself about food, nutrition, allergies, holistic living, and how to fit it all into a busy lifestyle. There were so many “why the *^@% wasn’t I taught this?” moments along the way. Those very revelations are what I pass on to my clients today.

I’ve been able to take my passion for business...

… desire to succeed, and my innate Italian love of food and put them together to create a business and life that works for me. The best part is that I’m fulfilling my childhood desire to do something useful and make a difference in the world.

If you’re managing a household, a team, or your own busy life, you know how necessary it is to be on top of your game. The one thing you can’t go without is your health.

Health and well being are the common denominators among all people, no matter what gender, age, or what you do. Your health (physical and mental) will hinder or enhance the progress you can make, more than any other factor.

I show ambitious, multi-tasking women (and men) how to live at the top of their game with strategies designed for their health and busy lifestyle.

You deserve to give your best performance at work and at home, every single day.

Your next step

will benefit you the rest of your life

When you’re healthy you have more of yourself to dedicate to what you’re here to do. You stand tall, you have the confidence to lead, make tough decisions, and be yourself. Nothing feels better than knowing you’re doing your best.

Don’t let hunger hold you back. Stop worrying about what’s for lunch. Let me teach you how to manage these everyday things with ease so you can get back to what you do best.

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Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Contributor to Huffington Post

Brand Ambassador for B YOGA

President of the Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters Club

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