What you don't know

Wellness Coaching Programs

What you don’t know could be holding you back. It’s time to call in the expert. Imagine what you’d accomplish with more energy, effective routines and genuine connections… I help ambitious, multi-tasking women go from the back seat to the spotlight in their lives again. It starts with three elements:

Vitality Access your endless energy

Learn to use optimal nutrition, body movement and improved rest to look and feel strong, vibrant and energized. Have the energy required to fulfill all your goals (and then some).

Focus Clarity is quiet

Eliminate the “noise” in your life; the external factors that take your energy away from what you want. Set goals, prioritize, achieve. Perhaps the biggest key to succeeding is single pointed focus.

Connection Cultivate genuine connections

Connection (or lack of) is the underlying factor in every problem and solution in your life. Learn to call in the connections you want and let go of the ones that are holding you back.

10 Day Detox

End cravings, jump start weight loss and discover untapped energy
  • Rebalance your hormones and take back control of your metabolism

    using the power of whole food eating and toxin elimination

  • After the initial 3-day detox experience, you will

    feel better, look better, and experience more motivation and energy than you have in years

  • Feel refreshed, full of energy, and healthy fast

    following the included guides and meal plans

Eats & Asana (Level 1)

Rebalance your body and achieve all day energy, without ever stepping foot in the gym
  • Discover a new and sustainable way of eating

    End food cravings – feel happy, satisfied, light and energetic every day

  • Use yoga and meditation to understand your body’s signals

    Give your body what it needs and watch it love you back

  • Create delicious healthy meals with ease

    Recipes that are quick and fit into even the busiest schedule

Eats & Asana (Level 2)

Stress less and improve digestion with holistic living beyond the kitchen
  • Discover a deeper experience of yoga

    Connect to your body’s wisdom so you can move past blocks in your life

  • Heal digestion and support your body through stress

    Feel clean, clear-headed, and calm in body and mind

  • Cleanse your body and home

    Discover an all-natural way to eat clean and live cleaner for lasting health

Compound Wellness

Consistency in Wellness. Momentum in Life.
  • Learn the secrets to consistency in wellness

    Receive accountability for your goals to build momentum in your life

  • Prioritize your health in a way that fits your lifestyle

    Stay on track with live bi-weekly group coaching calls with Selina

  • We’re all in this together

    Experience support and community in a group of like-minded peers

1 on 1 Coaching

No two people are the same. These programs are customized to maximize your results.
  • Complete Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment

    A comprehensive analysis to identify your symptoms and prevent illness before it starts

  • Personal Nutrition Plan

    Co-create a personalized plan that works for you and your lifestyle

  • Coaching & Accountability

    Guidance and check-ins to keep you on track to your goals

  • Online Consultations

    Quick, convenient and comfortable. You won’t have to leave your home or office

Feedback from Clients

Selina is the kindest, most non-judgmental person of life! She’s easy to relate to and will keep you accountable for your choices, without making you feel badly about them.

J Laliberte

It’s important to meet with someone like Selina to remind yourself of what’s actually healthy for you. There’s so much misleading advertising around what’s healthy for your diet. Selina will remind you of what’s healthy for you and what your diet should look like for your health. Selina will help you get to where you need to be: healthy.

Katherine Leblanc, Sudbury

Selina has such a kind and calming presence. She is so genuine and accepting. I felt very comfortable meeting her for the first time. What a wealth of knowledge! She helped me resolve my chronic headaches in just a few weeks.

S. Ernst