Boost Your Energy & Improve Focus

Before Eats & Asana I just wasn’t sure I was making good choices with my food. What I learned gave me confidence. Now I know I’m eating well and I have a lot more energy. My biggest takeaway was learning how to manage my energy throughout the day, using food and yoga practices. I see a big improvement in my productivity and even my happiness. I’m really grateful for having taken this course.

Rene Gagne 2016 E&A Graduate

For the first time, I am taking a holistic approach to my health. The Eats & Asana course helped me create a foundation for healthy living. With Selina’s guidance and support, I now have a new relationship with body, mind, and food. It has, quite simply, changed my life. My body feels better, my stress level has dramatically decreased, I feel more confident and knowledgeable with my food choices. I’m so proud of my accomplishments and my conscious choice to be accountable for what I put in my body.

J. Laliberte 2016 E&A Graduate

Thank you, Selina for your wealth of knowledge, your kindness and judgement-free approach. I am grateful to you for sharing your passion for health (which is absolutely contagious). My energy has improved, I feel stronger, and more like the version of myself that I want to be. Congratulations to you for creating an original program that will truly shape the lives of every person who invests.

C. Laliberte 2016 E&A Graduate

I was needing a boost. I had habits I knew needed to change. I needed to take time for myself to improve on many levels. Selina is great as relaying her knowledge of nutrition and yoga. She’s respectful, calm and positive in the way that she teaches. I would recommend her anyone who is looking for balance, looking for encouragement, a community of people who can relate.

Celine Roque 2016 E&A Graduate

I was drawn to the Eats & Asana course because…I knew that I needed to do better with regard to my nutrition, meal planning, healthier snack choices and learning more yoga poses to help me de-stress so that I could improve my sleeping. I was eating on the run, skipping meals, insufficient protein & not planning healthy snacks led me to be tired a lot of the time, but yet not being able to get sufficient sleep. I discovered I was nutrient deprived in a number of areas which contributed to a some of these issues. I would describe Selina and her teaching style as…very inclusive. She explains the how and why behind whatever she is teaching whether it is the yoga poses or nutritional information. She takes the time to answer any of our concerns in all areas. Her manual is an amazing resource which I reference for one reason or another on a daily basis. A definite keeper!! If anyone who is reading this is hesitant in taking this course, don’t be. It is the best possible action you can take for yourself now and into the future. It is worth every dollar and then some. Taking this course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Go for it!

Brenda Tessaro 2016 E&A Graduate

I was drawn to the Eats & Asana course because I needed something that was going to motivate me to make some changes, and I believed that having to show up every week, and log my meals would hold me accountable. Before I took the course I was struggling with healthy eating, and was having a hard time planning meals that my whole family could enjoy. This was causing stress and frustration. We were eating poorly, so we didn’t have energy, and because we were lacking energy, we continued to eat the easy, unhealthy meals. Selina is wonderful! She is patient, understanding, non-judgemental… all the things I needed! I would recommend the Eats & Asana course to anyone who wants to make changes/improvements to the way they eat.

Mimi Edwards 2016 E&A Graduate